Saturday, February 22, 2014

Russian skater Adelina Sotnikov deserved the gold

Again my fellow Americans are crying fowl about results of an Olympic games ...

Bad enough the women's hockey team acted like spoiled twelve year Olds

Now in skating circles are questioning ...the results of the female figure skating results ..

Hate to bust the ivory castle of Ashley waggoner, whom barely made it to the American team (free pass)

She outskated you....she was a ballerina on the ice, you were so....

She did harder jumps ...Johnny Wier and Tara lapinkski ...agree....

So congratualatons ....Adelina Sotnikov

Your story is what the Olympics is all about

The underdog, like Rocky ....

Who schools them all .....

Wear that gold with pride, you earned it.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Friday night ghost story

My mother bought a haunted house blog by Jamie snow ....

Well....I've been watching the men's ski cross, man that's wicked ...

I would land head first..trying that ...splat...crunch...Neh...I'll stick to X box

We had another snow day today ...pure ice ..really slippery,

A dairy truck went off the main road and crashed into some historical tree

The tree actually had a name ...Sarah....she lost two limbs ...ouch

I had a spooky dream last night ....I heard knocking at my bedroom door




I open it...and there is this little girl in this long gown or nightdress

She says ....Have you seen BoBo?...then. puff .....gone ...

I thought she let one loose ...I smelled rotten eggs...whew

Iris rich told me that is sulpher ....ghosts sometimes give that smell off

You mean ....I wasn't dreaming?.....I asked saw your first entity


The graveyard philosopy club .....Fate

I don't Believe.... I believe in Fate ....Clive announced ....leaning against a gravestone

That surprising, Tallulah ventured ...You look like someone who has a destiny, or believes one does

Oh...don't get me wrong ...Einstein, Oppenheimer....Steve Jobs ....maybe some predetermination there ..

I think we make the best lives we can, with the little bestowed upon us ....Sarah added

I saw a fortune teller once ...Keith mumbled ...was quite eeerie ....

What did she say .....the whole group asked in unison ....

She said I would be spending half of my school years sitting in

A graveyard talking

Utter bloody nonsense .....

Quite right .....Clive added....puffing on his pipe ....Like Sherlock Holmes.....

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Have you seen your Doppelganger today ?

Doppelganger:A paranormal double of a living person

Omen of death ....Spirit double, that precedes a living persons activities ...creepy
One time I was attending a library booksale when this women said "you should read this "she pushed it towards me

How to fix a broken marriage ...well I wasn't married and I had no connection to this marriage advocate.

Another time I was in a package store in Massachusetts and the cashier (I always got carded)

Said "It's ok sweetie live here ...Well....I had never been there in my life

My doppelganger had marriage problems and was drinking too much ...or vice versa

Another eerie story was on Unsolved mysteries ....

A soldier during WW2.... was leaving for Europe and came face to faces with his mirrored self ...

The double was also a soldier ...with the same first name ...and induction papers,, same date ...

A split dimension? .... Do we cross each other sometimes ...?

Rock star life or living hand to mouth?

It is quite a quandry ...

Any theories...please comment ...

My doppelganger, wrote this

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Friday night ghost story part 4

My mother bought us a haunted house blog Jamie snow

Hey..guys..whew......Snow day!!..... So much snow fell on this little town...its so quiet....eerie...quiet

I was shoveling with my Mom all day .....Her dodge jeep was buried ....we have no garage ....

See.....she should have noticed ....that ....buyer beware.....Mom....

Well....last night I decided to explore some shut off rooms on my floor ...

There is one kind of creepy room with faded blue wallpaper and I saw funny writing

etched in some kind of black chalk or paint Egyptian writing...

The room was very cold...not just cold ...Freeezing.....

I felt like someone was watching me ...

And I heard


Giggle is getting pretty late and the Olympics is on

I love watching that one where they slide on the ice on a sled

At so much speed ......whush....its rad....goes by fast .....

I'll have to tell Iris about the cold room and giggle

Well....I better go....I'm lucky the power is still on....

Peace out.....Jamie

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The peculiar 14 th floor radio blog has moved of my blogs on this blog....has it's own domain ....

The peculiar 14th floor Dept store radio blog

Has it's very own blog....jughead67blogspot....

So check it out shoulder be fun to write

My homage to Are you being served to the Twilight zone, The night stalker...

Set in 1962 a BBC radio play ...

Hope you will tune in...well it....cheers

I don't believe Phillip Semour Hoffman was sober

I think Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a great talent and his body of work, speaks
for itself, but clean for twenty years? .... He goes from 0 drug activity to buying
Half the heroin in all of New York city, in one night?

Come on....Do painkillers and xanax and God knows how many mothers little helpers,not count

He used (Like River phoenix and Heath ledger).....?

Elvis Presley took all sorts of uppers and downers, and his doctor

Hand delivered them to his house in a leather satchel......

John Belushi,was handed little packets of cocaine and told "here's a little present "

Every time he went to a bar or club, when he hit the big time.

Oscar winners are supposed to live into their eighties

But not when their free basing and buying thousands of dollars of pure, premium grade heroin.

I'm sorry, Phillip, you won an Oscar and maybe the temptations took hold

Sometimes the things we wish for, are not the best things for our self preservation.

I hate to quote a line from the movie STAND BY ME

But you really screwed the pooch ....

Monday, February 10, 2014

Page boy smile

Page boy smile, poem -song lyrics by Andrew Lawson

I hear her in the alley
see her through the windows
barely a word or whisper
just her page boy smile
I can feel her haunting
our lost youth and virtue
I can hear her teardrops
fall silently to the ground

I remember when I first saw her
playing on the rooftop
rainy day women
with a punk rock edge
she was only fifteen
stuck in the mobile
she was just a tomboy
with a page boy smile

The last time I saw her
was on my way to bootcamp
She handed me a guitar pick
and kissed Me on my heart
she formed a female rock band
she toured the road and weary
I killed my first human
the love of heroin, killed her

So I still see her
a ghostly reminder
of lost love and virtue
and other things in between
I hear her in the alley
playing on the rooftop
that traveling musician
with the page boy smile

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The graveyard philosophy club......reincarnation.....

Leaning their bodies against ivey tombstones, the club was discussing reincarnation ....

Oh.....When I come back I want to return as a man, Sara announced ....

Why is that? ..... replied Clive ...

I'd be paid more money, when I'm a professional ....

Professional what? ... grinned Marcus

Watch it .....Sara warned .....

It's all a bunch of rubbish, an exercise in futility ....Clive grumbled

You say that about everything....Keith replied ......

Well...People use reincarnation as a reason to not do their best, in this life ...Clive brokered

Well....I don't know about you lot, Tallulah announced with a flourish

I'm coming back as Angeline Jolie

A cricket chirped....

Or him.......

Friday, February 7, 2014

This blog is for

This blog is for :

The explorers

Seekers. Dreamers.

Thinkers. Artists. everyday tinkers

Poets. writers. love crossed. Survivors

Shut ins. Loose ends

And all the twisted arch bends

Not more left to say

Just look to the horizen

Andrew Lawson
host of ghostly silhouettes of vigor and vim

The century dept store peculiar 14.... radio blog ..

Episode 1...... Beginnings .....

On the 14th floor of the Century Dept store in West side, London is a peculiar sales Dept ..
Lets listen in .......

An effeminate the name of Ian is leading new employee Simon Lawson
around the quite eerie but cozy sales floor ....

Well...I must tell you the history of this place, my lad, it's quite juicy ... way Simon replied ....
Ian blushed ...aren't you precoius let us begin .....

This Dept store is just like any other, except this one floor
You day in 1936.... this department just was forgotten..
The head of this floor, never bothered to ask why customers stopped coming
He just decided to create new buisness with ingenuity ....

What did he do.....drag people off the street? ... asked Simon... volunteered ...he went out and bought very unique items
things that were quite ....peculiar, to say the least... Ian quipped
such as? .... Simon queried .....

Chinese daggers ....Paintings that were said to be haunted...pipes that never
went out ...Books that could be read back to front ...
He even brought back a mummy from Egyptian times ....Ian added
How did he manage that? Simon asked

Oh'd be surprised what you can buy in the London black market,
I once bought a tea kettle that played God save the queen ....Ian giggled

So this department slowly by word of mouth, became relevant again
And no one knows to this day, why the fourteenth floor was suddenly forgotton..

Ian added:You know I came in for a pair of winter wellies ten Christmas eves ago
I felt compelled to go up to this floor thing I knew
I'm a salesperson, like rip van Winkle, actually Ian added...

So that's your brief history lesson, there's a test later
You're kidding right? Simon asked
I might be ....but you never know.....
Oh....Come on the girls are late ...

Girls? ..... Ian straightened his hair the antique mirror
Oh...yes ....Miss.Bombast ..I mean Bentley and pippy Montgomery, yes, Pippa
Ian went behind a counter and pulled out a dart,
See that dartboad ....When there's a tie for customers, we throw darts
Who ever hits closest to the red center, gets the sale ...or trys to...Ian added..

This place is peculiar .....Simon stammered

Yes...yes is....quite right, quite right ...

Welcome to the peculiar static........

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Friday night ghost story part 3

My mother bought a haunted house Blog...Jamie snow

Well...I said last time I met this girl named Iris finch
She is the only child of our local mailman, Mr.Finch.

He was delivering some packages to our house last Saturday
and was lugging a bunch of them in, when I spotted Iris
She was staring up at the attic window ...

Hey, I said
Hey, yourself, she said and smiled

She was wearing a yellow rain slicker (it was sunny outside)
and a red beret ....some frenchy thing ...

You know, she said

Your house is full of GHOSTS ....
I gulped ...what...why...where do you know ...?

This town is full of em..don't worry, they won't kill you ..Iris winked

What's your name? .... Iris whispered ...

Jamie, I said back

Well Jamie, can you keep a secret?
Iris grinned again

I see dead people
That s my new friend Iris finch

How was your week?....I have to go.....

Sometimes daily prediction by Son of Chandu

You will catch a slight cold with a few sniffles

You will try some chicken no avail

At night, you will take a swig of Nyquil,

You will say yuk......

You will sleep for two weeks straight will wake up slimmer and refreshed

You will miss the Olympic opening ceremony and closing ...


I'm the son of Chandu....not Chandu

The creepy Dyatlov pass incident, Russia 1959

This case has got to be the creepiest unsolved mystery of all time
Akin to the Blair witch movie (but that was a movie, this really happened!
On February 2 -1959 nine young,climber, ski climbers..full of vigor and vim( parden the plug)
Trekked up the Northern Ural mountains (called, death can't make this stuff up)

After they were not heard from, a search party was formed and what they came across was most baffling
the lost climbing teams tent was found upright but cut open from the inside
shoes and belongings were present.....nine sets of footprints were found leading from
the tent ...remains of a fire was found and bodies slowly were recovered.

Some were just in their underwear ...and socks....
Some skull damage and chest fractures ...on the other four bodies found
as if "extreme force, from a car crash had occurred....doo..doo..doo..doo
One female climber was missing her tongue, eyes and part of her lips...

Radiation was also detected on the climbers clothes
some reported seeing red, glowing lights ....above the mountain
A lot of this was hushed up by the Russian government
It was too bizarre to explain....

The photo at the top..were taken by the climbers themselves

they had no idea of their sad fates....
That is one small grace.

Go to youtube ...there is plenty about this story
What do you think?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The graveyard philosophy club

In a hidden graveyard, long abandoned and unattended, five students of the Hawthorne school

Talk among the ruined gravestones about Life, death, philosophy, music, science ....poetry..

Almost everything under the full moon

Sara ....Keith ...Marcus, Tallulah and Clive ....

Talk about


I think, when we die,click....lights out ....Clive announced ....

Oh...There has to be more, Sara added...That can't be it, surely ..

Marcus chimed in: I think are souls are like recyclable cans .....

Tallulah laughed :Says you sport, then I'm yoo hoo

Then I'm Swepps ginger ale ....Marcus added....

I don't think we find out, until we get snuffed out added Tallulah glumly ....

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The son of Chandu daily prediction

You will wake up and scratch your head

All day you will feel you have forgotton something

It will rack your brains all day

Feed the cat?

Pour out the expired milk?

Put on fresh underwear?

Don't ask me

I'm the son of Chandu........

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Century dept stores peculiar floor 14 blog radio play

That's it madem and Sir, welcome to the 14th floor ofnd the staff is quite strange

Pantyhose that glow in the dark

Earings worn by Marilyn Monroe

Books written backwards to forward

Pipes that never go out

Paintings that follow you around the room

Radio's that broadcast WInston Churchill (but it's 1962)

It's all in a days broadcast .....

Coming very soon....

To Ghostly silhouettes of vigor and vim.....

The loopy weather report with Little Libby

Hello....again ..we at the station are getting floods of fan mail for our

Little Libby, so we've decided to send to anyone who wants one an autographed picture of

Little Libby standing under an umbrella ....ha, it's quite rad? ...keen .....fazmo..... get the picture ...parden the pun ....

So if you want a super dooper picture of a picture ...just fill out our brochure in the Daily Herald (one per family)

with your name and address to:

Little Libby
Care of WXTZ news station
Box 32....Parish heights, Illinois

Little Libbys out with a touch of the sniffles

But she will be back stay tuned....

Best wishes, Jimmy Fallon but watch your back

Jimmy Fallon is about to host the Tonight show

hopefully keeping the tradition of the nightly talkfest alive

It is so sad to see that brief shot of Conan O Brian in the commercial

for the passing of the torch from Leno to Fallon....

How soon people forget ....Conan was dispatched to Siberia (I mean TBS)

Conan's show lost ratings but he also wasn't allowed to grow his audience

NBC should be ashamed of its treating of Conan

His show desearved at least two years to try new things and kick the kinks out.

I think Jimmy is different, he was weaned by Saturday night live

The oxegen he inhales is NBC ether.....

He has a firm fan base and Hollywood connections

And Justin timberlake

And he is staying in New York (classic Tonight show setting)

So good luck Jimmy Fallon

Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's a shame about Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Another fine actor has taken that eternal rest.

I remember watching Phillip in Boogie nights his puppydog forlorn character

following Mark Whalbergs character.

He was also great in that rock n roll movie directed by Cameron Crowe....Almost famous ...

I think is the title ....Capote (I own that one)

He was a character actor that chose characters on the edge ....

Like John Belushi, River Phoenix, Heath ledger

He joins that other stupid club

But his work will live on

And in the end

that's his final legacy.