Friday, January 31, 2014

Son of Chandu daily prediction

I predict, you will wake up

Then yawn

smell your own breath

stagger into the kitchen

Make a cup of tea and an English muffin

Look in the obituaries page for cheap property to buy

Stroke your cat or dogs head

E mail your friend Judy, tell her Downtown abbey is getting asanine

That's all I see for now

Everythings cloudied up again..

The following prediction may come true or not

Not liable, if any of it does

I'm the son of Chandu, not Chandu

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The friday night ghost story ..part 2

My mother bought a haunted house blog by Jamie snow

Hello.Wow a week goes fast, not in this small town of Parish heights, Illinois

actually, but having a haunted house, livens things up

You know, things that go bump, in the night.

My mom and I moved most of our junk into the house

I chose a bedroom on the second floor, it has a view of a giant

watertower that looks like a giant robot

My school has only has twenty five students!

we share with the elementary kids, jeesh

One kid (five years old)asked me if I watched

Seseame street, he was serious, stupid kid ....

Sorry, I'm a little cranky, I heard a strange moaning noise

coming from a vent in my room, last night

it kind of freaked me out, a little

I mean, it was actually quite creepy

Like Poltergeist scary

Their here .....woo.....

Holy s....

Sorry, PG.....

Oh.yeah, I met this kind of girl

Her name is Iris

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The loopy weather report with Little Libby

Hello Wxtz local news out of wheaton, Illinois

Lets check on our cub weather reporter Little Libby ....How goes the weather Little Libby?

Little Libby is standing at her bus stop's Little Libby here this thing on?

Yes, its on Libby, we can hear you just fine kid,

Don't call me kid, I'm eight and a quarter years old, mister

Ok...Libby, hows the weather out there?

That's a dumb question

Its brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr co. L. D. Brrrrrrr

Thank you, little Libby

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stop climbing Mount Everest, A twelve year old has done it

Climbing Mount Everest, is a monumental feet, it takes, stealth, indurance, lung capacity, daring

A set of titanium balls.

But, I hate to bust anybody's high altitude bubble

A TWELVE year old, has conquered it, I mean, come on

A kid, just barely out of elementary school, has climbed the heighest peek.

It's laughable now

Grown men pay these expert climbing basically coddle these

Dream bucket, middle aged or other, men and women to the top

The sherpa's carried one female British reporter, one time, pathetic

Money can buy you anything, even a life altering journey

If you don't freeze to death, coming down...brrrrr

There are tons of frozen corpses littering the majestic mountain

Go to Youtube, it's not a pleasent sight.

China can go to the moon, our footprints are already there

And a lot of other junk

Close Everest down for five years,get the bodies down

Let the mountain have a rest and renewal

Go climb K2

Come on, A twelve year old .......

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Author Micheal scott moore, still held by Somali pirates

On January 6, 2012.. Author, journalist Micheal Scott moore was kidnapped by Somali pirates

He has been held for two years now.

I have some interest in this event, because I knew Mike,

He played bass guitar, the one night I played live

At Emerson college (Boston)I also was his roommate in Jamaica plaine Mass.

He is a very quiet spoken, affable, unassuming guy....

He now is trapped in a neverending nightmare

He is a piece of merchandise

Somali pirates believe every American has twenty million dollars

left for rainy days or for situations, like this.

His ranson was set at twenty million dollars

It might as well be a billion.

I know special op teams take time planning rescues missions

And patience and strategic planning is the key

We just bombed a Somali target today

I hope Micheal Scott Moore, author and friend

was not a miss hit

If anyone has new info

Contact me

Sochi doesn't look safe

Why Russia was allowed to hold the Winter Olympics is beyond me

Why not Syria?

I mean, Putin can have military, Kgb, sharpshooters on every building but

his enemies are cunning, they will find a weak spot, and kick a hole in it

America always has to play nice

Well...Screw that

Think of our athletes safety first

Putin can't stand the West, he has distain on his face, everytime

President Obama sits across from him

Why humor the guy?

I say boycott Sochi

Or bring your own private army, to protect our athletes

Just a thought

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christine ricci as Lizzy borden? ... come on

The unsolved case of Lizzie borden's suspected murdering of her father and stepmother

Was again revisited, with actress Christine ricci (she is eerie enough in the part

But lets face it, The real Lizzie Borden was very unatractive, spinsterely

A bulldogs face, short but with a linebackers body.

Christine ricci is petite, more perky

Her eyes are bug eyed and menacing, but it's still a stretch.

Nicole kidman playing photographer Diane Arbus?

Give me a break, who casts these movies

Blind casting agents (no offense)

I'm sure Lizzie Borden is flattered by the new version of her

notorious crime

You did it Lizzie

We all know, you did

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Friday night ghost story

Mother bought us a haunted house....Chapter 1

Hello.My names James Snow,my friends (when I had some) call me Jamie.

I'm eleven years old and have just moved to a town called called Parish heights, Illinois

Population, including Me and my mother 5,, a metropolis.

My father, was killed in Afghanistan one year ago

it's just me and my mother (Beth)

We've been looking for a new start

forget some of the dark stuff, you know?

This is my blog about the house we moved into

It's haunted

Oh yeah?....... You think I'm kidding, num nuts?

wait till I share with you guys, some of the crazy s....sorrry

Kids, might be reading this, I have to be careful

blogger might kick me off the site.....

Well...When my mother picked this two story like farmhouse

she got it kind of cheap (that should tip you off Mom)

They call it a "fix er upper "

I said it looks like a fixer, downer

My son, the optimist

Well...all I can say is this blog might scare you so

If you hate scary movies, like Poltergeist or The Changeling,

Back off....Go the little house on the prairie blog

Cause it's gonna be a bumpy night....ride....whatever....

Signing off.....Jamie....

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Edward snowden is a russian spy and I look like Brad pitt.....

Some government officials are covering their ivy league asses by saying Edward snowden worked for the Russians

Yes...And I look like Brad Pitt( more like Harry potter).

Snowden was a whistle blower, he felt the surveillance tactics of our government were unconscionable

Now he pays the price of listening to his own conscience.

Time will play this chapter out in the history books

Sometimes these events are uncomfortable, messy

But for our country to be able to look itself in the mirror

These learning curves

Are necessary

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reboot some classic shows

I'm rewriting this it can be read properly ....

The Networks all have shows that just don't have those magic numbers

that a hit show provides here's some ideas for Tv reboots

1.Seinfeld (redux) Marry those characters off (maybe not Kramer) show their
crazy new lives, but also their still childish, selfish selves that effect their loved ones.

2.The X files.....Drop the UFO....mythology(it was like V) ...stick to

Supernatural stories...cast two new actors ....cameos by Docovney and Anderson

3.The Walton's ...Set in Great Britain (a family named Walton, set in the turbulent sixties or seventies

A writer like John boy...can be a girl....distant cousins

4.King of the hill....Fastforward five years ....Bobby's a teenage, Louanne, a harried mother

Hank hill, midlife crisis ...this show was written better than a lot of live actor shows

That's why it won an emmmy, did Jim bulushi's show?

5.Bring back a late night music show

Featuring new bands and all types of music

Who says lightning doesn't strike twice

With good writers and a staff that believes ...these shows could reap

Positive ratings, not ho hum

J.D. Salinger isn't dead

J.D.Salinger isn't really dead, oh,maybe in the physical

But not the metaphysical.....his words live and breathe, on thier very own

I don't pity J.D.Salinger in the slightest, regardless of his kind of sad, solitary existence

He never suffered from writers block, he lived comfortably in the woods of scenic Vermont

his first novel exploded onto the literary scene and has been reprinted God knows

how many times

The man stormed the beach of Normandy with copies of the first draft of Catcher

in his knapsack

He carried scorched dead bodies from the concentration camps

the smell, that still lingered in his nostrils

He was a survivor.

Most Authors would kill to have a work of thiers praised and heralded

But Salinger in the end, regretted Catcher in the rye....the exposure, scrutiny

I say, boo, hoo

Some many people,in so many walks of life, never get even a Thank you, good job

for their efforts, you did,in spades, my dear fellow

You never stopped writing

You left some Easter eggs, behind

Five new books (one a diary)

You knew, what you were doing, all along

You devil.......

Monday, January 20, 2014

You can buy a ghost on E bay

It's quite funny what you can bid on or buy on e bay

Civil war rifles, Old playboys with Marilyn Monroe on the cover(waka waka)

Vintage rock concert posters, false teeth (Maybe owned by George whashington)

Mardi gras coins, belts, buckles, swords .....the list goes on

You can even

Buy a ghost

Yes your own genuine spirit, to keep you company, those late nights with insomnia

A cute China doll, possessed by the late owner Mertle, who drowned in the flood of 1957.

Just bid or buy outright, and in seven buisness days, you can own your very own poltergeist (isn't America great?)

To the bosom of your family's home.

Don't laugh

Go on e bay, right now, google haunted items

Happy shopping (don't blame me, if your house burns down.....

poetry corner

Mother thought I'd be eaten alive by: Andrew Lawson copyright@2012

Mother thought I'd be eaten alive

in this concrete labyrinthe of mysterious lives

The night it is holy

beat music plays

weeps through my window

warms my cold veins

Sarcastic writers

smoke scented cloves

burned out Marxists

fan by the stove

My face it is hidden

by a mask of indifference

feel like an imposter sometimes

a lonely kid sister

Mother thought I'd be eaten alive

but my heart is still beating

My muse

is still breathing

The taxi cab will soon take me home

to a one room flat

that can get quite cold

I'll curl under the comforter

my Gran nana sewed

and watch the city twinkle

fold me in it's arms

Will Sochi be safe for our Olympians?

I'm sure this thought has crossed everyones mind and not just in the United states

the safety and security of the upcoming Olympic games in Russia.

If it hasn't, it should.

Russia isn't the most stable hosts of previous games

Putin has a few enemies and I don't mean from other countries

I mean in his own backyard

Lets. Hope for every Olympian, there is two KGB assigned to them

We don't want an incident like 1972, there all gone, folks.

The price of these games is always costly for the host country

Just for two weeks of center of the universe attention then Shazam

After the flame is put out

One is left with empty buildings fit for hockey practice and soccer

If Putin isn't careful

He'll be stuck

In the red (sorry, I couldn't resist)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Greetings from Ghostly silouettes of vigor and vim

Hello.Welcome to my blog,

My name is Andrew Lawson, welcome to my eclectic sanctuary,filled with my poems, song lyrics

Stories on the supernatural, books, pop culture, film and Tv, maybe (not always) some politics.

I started writing on a site called Unsolved mysteries (not the show) I wrote stories about ghosts

and funny ones like Marilyn Manson buys the Amityville horror house and opens a bed and breakfast

That one was funny, I made Miley Cyrus a ghostbuster, taking on a possessed Taylor swift.

But I lost my login number and can't get back in, ti's a shame.

My second home is I have written over 300 poems and ran over 100 contests

They say the written word is a dying art, not on

I have read and commentated on poems written by twelve year olds to one hundred year olds

And the one common denominator is the passion for words

The art of language

So join me

My words will have to do, for now, I can't upload any pictures

One less thing to worry about (lawsuits)

My pledge to you

Remember Orson welles in Citizen Kane ..He made a pledge to his readers

This is mine :

This blog is for the freaks, the geeks, the poets, the writers

the dreamers, the thinkers, the artists and tinkers

the shut ins, the loose ends

all the twisted arch bends

There's not much more to say

Look to the horizen

Forgive this blog

I have to apologies for the formating of this blog

I'm having a hard time formatting this on my first generation, kindle fire.

A part of me, wants to delete the whole blog, if that is even possible in this cyberspace world.

So if you're reading this, please be patient, I promise I will work out the bugs

I don't want people squinting to read this blog

The words to me and the topics I write about will vary, so hopefully this will work out

Or go down in horrific flames melodramatic, Andrew ...

Tv networks should reboot some classics

The Tv networks are always bemoaning the fact when a show like The Michael show Tanks in the rating, ordering too many episodes before they know the ratings (most plummet, after the first month). So here is my solution NBC, ABC, Cbs,Fox Some shows to reboot( it might mean spending a lot of money but hey, a hits a hit) 1.Seinfeld (the redux) Bring back those selfish characters, marry them (even Jerry) Have them still act like children, with their spouses and each other Hire the best writers, don't skimp on the writing, make it stellar. 2.King of the hill, Again, push the show five years ahead, make Bobby a teenager Louanne, a harried mother, give Hank hill a midlife crisis I really think, this one reboot would be successful (look at Doctor who) 3.The X files ..... New cast -drop the UFO mythology (I always found that arc like V) make it like The night stalker)supernatural stories, cameos by Ducovney and Anderson) 4.The Walton's (This should be set in Great Britain in the sixties or seventies an offspring show, A family with a writer like John boy or girl narrating their life in the turbulent Sixties or seventies it's worth a shot. You never know, one of these shows might get a new lease on life if done correctly, no skimping

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kick Govenor Christie to the curb

I watch this Governor Christie soap opera and feel no surprise. He fits the part,put a fedora on his fat head, a few mob men around him, shazam, Tony Soprano. He can deny everything until the cows come home My prediction:out of of office by March or April...

Ghost in the machine

So.I write poetry and also song lyrics and I've heard of people recording their work on soundcloud . Pretty cool, such technology, at the touch of our fingertips..As I kindlefire has no microphone So...That rules that out I go "old school "On e bay I bid on a Sanzio(new in box) Tape recorder (What the? )yeah...Well....better than nothing (Says you, you say). Don't ask me why I have an English accent, but was born in America this day, I still get the comment So...How long have you lived in America? ... my reply :All my life ..... English parents .. The Queen Mary .....1965 ..... So...I speak into this old school device and hear my kind of low, slow motion voice Ip Kind of distant and far away if I'm a ghost already ...Ah .....Ghosts EVP's. Electronic Voice Phenomena...Oh ....I know, you're sick of that phrase. Every Scooby doo fan, Mystery machine kid, Ghostbusters Inc...understands. You take your gadget out and start asking questions.... Hello...It's Andrew ....Are you dead? ...... How does it feel? ... Is Micheal Jackson back Did he get his nose back? Sometimes you might hear a faint garbled noise ...hiss......cuckoo cukachoo.... Imagine you start hearing the last owners of your house complaining about the wallpaper you picked out ....Oy,vay It is burning my eyes, dearie should go on a diet ...just saying ..... Oh,,that Downtown Abbey, change the channel .... Quite funny, but not if it's Ted bundy, your sisters cute...yikes Personally, I haven't tried it yet I imagine I will play back one if my recorded poems Eww That's grody ...... The ghost in the machine

Friday, January 17, 2014


I've always been facintated by stories of people who have suddenly vanished off the face of the earth. Maybe not the face of the earth, but gone from the peripheral eyes. That boy that was peddling his bike down cheery hill, on a beautiful Autumn day in 1976 Poof. Gone. VANISHEd....never seen again. We pray it's a X file episode, not Special Victims Unit. Maybe a UFO grabbed little Bobby, and now he knows ten different languages Maybe a time vortex, shot into the future, now an old age pensioner playing checkers. I guess we all vanish in some shape or form, the people, places, hopes and dreams All just waiting, to be found.