Thursday, February 6, 2014

The creepy Dyatlov pass incident, Russia 1959

This case has got to be the creepiest unsolved mystery of all time
Akin to the Blair witch movie (but that was a movie, this really happened!
On February 2 -1959 nine young,climber, ski climbers..full of vigor and vim( parden the plug)
Trekked up the Northern Ural mountains (called, death can't make this stuff up)

After they were not heard from, a search party was formed and what they came across was most baffling
the lost climbing teams tent was found upright but cut open from the inside
shoes and belongings were present.....nine sets of footprints were found leading from
the tent ...remains of a fire was found and bodies slowly were recovered.

Some were just in their underwear ...and socks....
Some skull damage and chest fractures ...on the other four bodies found
as if "extreme force, from a car crash had occurred....doo..doo..doo..doo
One female climber was missing her tongue, eyes and part of her lips...

Radiation was also detected on the climbers clothes
some reported seeing red, glowing lights ....above the mountain
A lot of this was hushed up by the Russian government
It was too bizarre to explain....

The photo at the top..were taken by the climbers themselves

they had no idea of their sad fates....
That is one small grace.

Go to youtube ...there is plenty about this story
What do you think?