Monday, February 3, 2014

Best wishes, Jimmy Fallon but watch your back

Jimmy Fallon is about to host the Tonight show

hopefully keeping the tradition of the nightly talkfest alive

It is so sad to see that brief shot of Conan O Brian in the commercial

for the passing of the torch from Leno to Fallon....

How soon people forget ....Conan was dispatched to Siberia (I mean TBS)

Conan's show lost ratings but he also wasn't allowed to grow his audience

NBC should be ashamed of its treating of Conan

His show desearved at least two years to try new things and kick the kinks out.

I think Jimmy is different, he was weaned by Saturday night live

The oxegen he inhales is NBC ether.....

He has a firm fan base and Hollywood connections

And Justin timberlake

And he is staying in New York (classic Tonight show setting)

So good luck Jimmy Fallon