Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I don't believe Phillip Semour Hoffman was sober

I think Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a great talent and his body of work, speaks
for itself, but clean for twenty years? .... He goes from 0 drug activity to buying
Half the heroin in all of New York city, in one night?

Come on....Do painkillers and xanax and God knows how many mothers little helpers,not count

He used (Like River phoenix and Heath ledger).....?

Elvis Presley took all sorts of uppers and downers, and his doctor

Hand delivered them to his house in a leather satchel......

John Belushi,was handed little packets of cocaine and told "here's a little present "

Every time he went to a bar or club, when he hit the big time.

Oscar winners are supposed to live into their eighties

But not when their free basing and buying thousands of dollars of pure, premium grade heroin.

I'm sorry, Phillip, you won an Oscar and maybe the temptations took hold

Sometimes the things we wish for, are not the best things for our self preservation.

I hate to quote a line from the movie STAND BY ME

But you really screwed the pooch ....