Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Friday night ghost story part 3

My mother bought a haunted house Blog...Jamie snow

Well...I said last time I met this girl named Iris finch
She is the only child of our local mailman, Mr.Finch.

He was delivering some packages to our house last Saturday
and was lugging a bunch of them in, when I spotted Iris
She was staring up at the attic window ...

Hey, I said
Hey, yourself, she said and smiled

She was wearing a yellow rain slicker (it was sunny outside)
and a red beret ....some frenchy thing ...

You know, she said

Your house is full of GHOSTS ....
I gulped ...what...why...where do you know ...?

This town is full of em..don't worry, they won't kill you ..Iris winked

What's your name? .... Iris whispered ...

Jamie, I said back

Well Jamie, can you keep a secret?
Iris grinned again

I see dead people
That s my new friend Iris finch

How was your week?....I have to go.....