Saturday, February 15, 2014

Have you seen your Doppelganger today ?

Doppelganger:A paranormal double of a living person

Omen of death ....Spirit double, that precedes a living persons activities ...creepy
One time I was attending a library booksale when this women said "you should read this "she pushed it towards me

How to fix a broken marriage ...well I wasn't married and I had no connection to this marriage advocate.

Another time I was in a package store in Massachusetts and the cashier (I always got carded)

Said "It's ok sweetie live here ...Well....I had never been there in my life

My doppelganger had marriage problems and was drinking too much ...or vice versa

Another eerie story was on Unsolved mysteries ....

A soldier during WW2.... was leaving for Europe and came face to faces with his mirrored self ...

The double was also a soldier ...with the same first name ...and induction papers,, same date ...

A split dimension? .... Do we cross each other sometimes ...?

Rock star life or living hand to mouth?

It is quite a quandry ...

Any theories...please comment ...

My doppelganger, wrote this