Monday, February 10, 2014

Page boy smile

Page boy smile, poem -song lyrics by Andrew Lawson

I hear her in the alley
see her through the windows
barely a word or whisper
just her page boy smile
I can feel her haunting
our lost youth and virtue
I can hear her teardrops
fall silently to the ground

I remember when I first saw her
playing on the rooftop
rainy day women
with a punk rock edge
she was only fifteen
stuck in the mobile
she was just a tomboy
with a page boy smile

The last time I saw her
was on my way to bootcamp
She handed me a guitar pick
and kissed Me on my heart
she formed a female rock band
she toured the road and weary
I killed my first human
the love of heroin, killed her

So I still see her
a ghostly reminder
of lost love and virtue
and other things in between
I hear her in the alley
playing on the rooftop
that traveling musician
with the page boy smile