Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christine ricci as Lizzy borden? ... come on

The unsolved case of Lizzie borden's suspected murdering of her father and stepmother

Was again revisited, with actress Christine ricci (she is eerie enough in the part

But lets face it, The real Lizzie Borden was very unatractive, spinsterely

A bulldogs face, short but with a linebackers body.

Christine ricci is petite, more perky

Her eyes are bug eyed and menacing, but it's still a stretch.

Nicole kidman playing photographer Diane Arbus?

Give me a break, who casts these movies

Blind casting agents (no offense)

I'm sure Lizzie Borden is flattered by the new version of her

notorious crime

You did it Lizzie

We all know, you did