Friday, January 24, 2014

The Friday night ghost story

Mother bought us a haunted house....Chapter 1

Hello.My names James Snow,my friends (when I had some) call me Jamie.

I'm eleven years old and have just moved to a town called called Parish heights, Illinois

Population, including Me and my mother 5,, a metropolis.

My father, was killed in Afghanistan one year ago

it's just me and my mother (Beth)

We've been looking for a new start

forget some of the dark stuff, you know?

This is my blog about the house we moved into

It's haunted

Oh yeah?....... You think I'm kidding, num nuts?

wait till I share with you guys, some of the crazy s....sorrry

Kids, might be reading this, I have to be careful

blogger might kick me off the site.....

Well...When my mother picked this two story like farmhouse

she got it kind of cheap (that should tip you off Mom)

They call it a "fix er upper "

I said it looks like a fixer, downer

My son, the optimist

Well...all I can say is this blog might scare you so

If you hate scary movies, like Poltergeist or The Changeling,

Back off....Go the little house on the prairie blog

Cause it's gonna be a bumpy night....ride....whatever....

Signing off.....Jamie....