Sunday, January 26, 2014

Author Micheal scott moore, still held by Somali pirates

On January 6, 2012.. Author, journalist Micheal Scott moore was kidnapped by Somali pirates

He has been held for two years now.

I have some interest in this event, because I knew Mike,

He played bass guitar, the one night I played live

At Emerson college (Boston)I also was his roommate in Jamaica plaine Mass.

He is a very quiet spoken, affable, unassuming guy....

He now is trapped in a neverending nightmare

He is a piece of merchandise

Somali pirates believe every American has twenty million dollars

left for rainy days or for situations, like this.

His ranson was set at twenty million dollars

It might as well be a billion.

I know special op teams take time planning rescues missions

And patience and strategic planning is the key

We just bombed a Somali target today

I hope Micheal Scott Moore, author and friend

was not a miss hit

If anyone has new info

Contact me