Wednesday, January 22, 2014

J.D. Salinger isn't dead

J.D.Salinger isn't really dead, oh,maybe in the physical

But not the metaphysical.....his words live and breathe, on thier very own

I don't pity J.D.Salinger in the slightest, regardless of his kind of sad, solitary existence

He never suffered from writers block, he lived comfortably in the woods of scenic Vermont

his first novel exploded onto the literary scene and has been reprinted God knows

how many times

The man stormed the beach of Normandy with copies of the first draft of Catcher

in his knapsack

He carried scorched dead bodies from the concentration camps

the smell, that still lingered in his nostrils

He was a survivor.

Most Authors would kill to have a work of thiers praised and heralded

But Salinger in the end, regretted Catcher in the rye....the exposure, scrutiny

I say, boo, hoo

Some many people,in so many walks of life, never get even a Thank you, good job

for their efforts, you did,in spades, my dear fellow

You never stopped writing

You left some Easter eggs, behind

Five new books (one a diary)

You knew, what you were doing, all along

You devil.......