Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reboot some classic shows

I'm rewriting this it can be read properly ....

The Networks all have shows that just don't have those magic numbers

that a hit show provides here's some ideas for Tv reboots

1.Seinfeld (redux) Marry those characters off (maybe not Kramer) show their
crazy new lives, but also their still childish, selfish selves that effect their loved ones.

2.The X files.....Drop the UFO....mythology(it was like V) ...stick to

Supernatural stories...cast two new actors ....cameos by Docovney and Anderson

3.The Walton's ...Set in Great Britain (a family named Walton, set in the turbulent sixties or seventies

A writer like John boy...can be a girl....distant cousins

4.King of the hill....Fastforward five years ....Bobby's a teenage, Louanne, a harried mother

Hank hill, midlife crisis ...this show was written better than a lot of live actor shows

That's why it won an emmmy, did Jim bulushi's show?

5.Bring back a late night music show

Featuring new bands and all types of music

Who says lightning doesn't strike twice

With good writers and a staff that believes ...these shows could reap

Positive ratings, not ho hum