Sunday, January 19, 2014

Greetings from Ghostly silouettes of vigor and vim

Hello.Welcome to my blog,

My name is Andrew Lawson, welcome to my eclectic sanctuary,filled with my poems, song lyrics

Stories on the supernatural, books, pop culture, film and Tv, maybe (not always) some politics.

I started writing on a site called Unsolved mysteries (not the show) I wrote stories about ghosts

and funny ones like Marilyn Manson buys the Amityville horror house and opens a bed and breakfast

That one was funny, I made Miley Cyrus a ghostbuster, taking on a possessed Taylor swift.

But I lost my login number and can't get back in, ti's a shame.

My second home is I have written over 300 poems and ran over 100 contests

They say the written word is a dying art, not on

I have read and commentated on poems written by twelve year olds to one hundred year olds

And the one common denominator is the passion for words

The art of language

So join me

My words will have to do, for now, I can't upload any pictures

One less thing to worry about (lawsuits)