Thursday, January 30, 2014

The friday night ghost story ..part 2

My mother bought a haunted house blog by Jamie snow

Hello.Wow a week goes fast, not in this small town of Parish heights, Illinois

actually, but having a haunted house, livens things up

You know, things that go bump, in the night.

My mom and I moved most of our junk into the house

I chose a bedroom on the second floor, it has a view of a giant

watertower that looks like a giant robot

My school has only has twenty five students!

we share with the elementary kids, jeesh

One kid (five years old)asked me if I watched

Seseame street, he was serious, stupid kid ....

Sorry, I'm a little cranky, I heard a strange moaning noise

coming from a vent in my room, last night

it kind of freaked me out, a little

I mean, it was actually quite creepy

Like Poltergeist scary

Their here .....woo.....

Holy s....

Sorry, PG.....

Oh.yeah, I met this kind of girl

Her name is Iris