Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tv networks should reboot some classics

The Tv networks are always bemoaning the fact when a show like The Michael show Tanks in the rating, ordering too many episodes before they know the ratings (most plummet, after the first month). So here is my solution NBC, ABC, Cbs,Fox Some shows to reboot( it might mean spending a lot of money but hey, a hits a hit) 1.Seinfeld (the redux) Bring back those selfish characters, marry them (even Jerry) Have them still act like children, with their spouses and each other Hire the best writers, don't skimp on the writing, make it stellar. 2.King of the hill, Again, push the show five years ahead, make Bobby a teenager Louanne, a harried mother, give Hank hill a midlife crisis I really think, this one reboot would be successful (look at Doctor who) 3.The X files ..... New cast -drop the UFO mythology (I always found that arc like V) make it like The night stalker)supernatural stories, cameos by Ducovney and Anderson) 4.The Walton's (This should be set in Great Britain in the sixties or seventies an offspring show, A family with a writer like John boy or girl narrating their life in the turbulent Sixties or seventies it's worth a shot. You never know, one of these shows might get a new lease on life if done correctly, no skimping