Monday, January 20, 2014

You can buy a ghost on E bay

It's quite funny what you can bid on or buy on e bay

Civil war rifles, Old playboys with Marilyn Monroe on the cover(waka waka)

Vintage rock concert posters, false teeth (Maybe owned by George whashington)

Mardi gras coins, belts, buckles, swords .....the list goes on

You can even

Buy a ghost

Yes your own genuine spirit, to keep you company, those late nights with insomnia

A cute China doll, possessed by the late owner Mertle, who drowned in the flood of 1957.

Just bid or buy outright, and in seven buisness days, you can own your very own poltergeist (isn't America great?)

To the bosom of your family's home.

Don't laugh

Go on e bay, right now, google haunted items

Happy shopping (don't blame me, if your house burns down.....