Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stop climbing Mount Everest, A twelve year old has done it

Climbing Mount Everest, is a monumental feet, it takes, stealth, indurance, lung capacity, daring

A set of titanium balls.

But, I hate to bust anybody's high altitude bubble

A TWELVE year old, has conquered it, I mean, come on

A kid, just barely out of elementary school, has climbed the heighest peek.

It's laughable now

Grown men pay these expert climbing teams.....to basically coddle these

Dream bucket, middle aged or other, men and women to the top

The sherpa's carried one female British reporter, one time, pathetic

Money can buy you anything, even a life altering journey

If you don't freeze to death, coming down...brrrrr

There are tons of frozen corpses littering the majestic mountain

Go to Youtube, it's not a pleasent sight.

China can go to the moon, our footprints are already there

And a lot of other junk

Close Everest down for five years,get the bodies down

Let the mountain have a rest and renewal

Go climb K2

Come on, A twelve year old .......