Monday, January 20, 2014

Will Sochi be safe for our Olympians?

I'm sure this thought has crossed everyones mind and not just in the United states

the safety and security of the upcoming Olympic games in Russia.

If it hasn't, it should.

Russia isn't the most stable hosts of previous games

Putin has a few enemies and I don't mean from other countries

I mean in his own backyard

Lets. Hope for every Olympian, there is two KGB assigned to them

We don't want an incident like 1972, there all gone, folks.

The price of these games is always costly for the host country

Just for two weeks of center of the universe attention then Shazam

After the flame is put out

One is left with empty buildings fit for hockey practice and soccer

If Putin isn't careful

He'll be stuck

In the red (sorry, I couldn't resist)