Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Don't let the Howard Beals speak for you,and damn us all to hell

Things are bad,everyone knows,things are bad
please,just leave us alone in our living rooms
I want you to get mad,I'm a human being God Damitt!!
Say,I'm mad as hell.and I'm not to take it anymore

Network...words by Paddy Chayefsky....all rights preserved.


Everyone has one
unless you are born without a tongue
but everyone has an inner voice
that screams
for the eternal sky.

Some voices
speak louder than others
they rally
Tell you how to think
what to wear
whom to like
whom to pray to

Seasons greetings
Merry Christmas.

But whom made them God?
not God,surely
If you believe in a God
it is your right
not to.

It doesn't matter
where your voice
broadcasts from
the barrio
the tenements
the skyscrapers
with gated fences

One thing should be

The truth

It is hard to speak it
when it is unpopular
to point a finger
at injustice
and raise a red flag

It can isolate a person
make a life uncomfortable.

But it must be the cornerstone
of any great nation.

The problem is
we fail these people
that try
to tell it.

Karen Silkwood
brought radiation home from work
and blew the whistle
to be murdered.

Crystal Lee Sutton
the inspiration
for the movie Norma Ray
didn't die
from a union busting
but from brain cancer
that spread
because of an insurance company
that refused to pay for her treatments.

And now


Some call him a patriot
a whistle blower
a freedom of privacy

but where is he?


Putin's Precious.

He must have his day
but in front of our courts

on our soil.

Let his voice be heard
with a threat of jail time.

The truth is uncomfortable

It is Isolating

But it must be spoken
regardless of the pain.

Don't let the Howard Beals
Bill o Reilly's
Rush Limbaugh
Howard Sterns
Oprah Winfry's
Bill Marrs

speak for you

If our country
ends up like the final scene
in The Planet of the apes movie
with the Statue of Liberty
buried in the sand

You finnaly really did it
You blew it up
God Damn You
All to

It will be on those

who refused

to say Nothing

When a






Andrew Lawson.