Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our new breed of men and women in blue....Robo Cops

There seems to be more and more police with trigger fingers
or they are just plain scared of their own shadows....

This new breed of police men and women....use force over common sense
They believe everyone that is a little antsy has a gun or weapon

then the plot escalates...and bang....a citizen is dead
and the police man or women pleads...
I had to

I thought....he or she had a gun....
You presumed....they had a gun or knife or squirt gun

The policemen of the fifties and sixties
only had brawn and muscle
and some down home
mind tricks to lasso a criminal....

They had no tasers...and laptop computers
to cry home to base
every five minutes
an officer  was out of their

it took
a little bit of listening...yes...and gut insticts...this can't be taught...

Anyone that is pulled over
by this new generation of blue

be warned

If they ask for your name and license....tap tap tap
give it to them
don't holler....
This un rights are being violated.

it is a valid request....

don't act all ansty in the back seat

make show your hands are visable

stare right into that police man or womens eyes

They are not psychics.....far from it

they are a new breed of cops

Robo cops

and if you flinch

You die